Dancers bodies are not the same as the rest of the world.  You know that and I know that. You have trained for years to be different, but there are times when even you need some attention to keep your body moving.

That is why I am the ideal solution for your aches and pains, your knots and your tired leg muscles.

Fully certified by the Massage Training Institute I deliver ‘delicious’ Holistic Massage PLUS the extra know-how to make your massage sessions relaxing AND therapeutic. I am ready and able to help you to UnFOLD if you give yourself the chance.


Many muscle problems can be treated by the use of Muscle Energy Technique which is a sophisticated alternative to  'sports' massage usually affording the client the chance to both receive practical help immediately and to make that impact with the minimum of pain.


All clients will also be encouraged to do a few simple but effective exercises between therapy sessions which usually ensures progress is swift and the number of appointments required is as low as possible.