I move the muscles:      God adds the healing

God created us to be truly amazing. Our bodies are astonishing, but as most of us are also painfully aware, sometimes the parts just don't function quite the way they should.  Stress, sports injuries and overwork can all affect how our bodies operate and all too often we could use a little help. But where do you go?   Who should a believer turn to for physical help when it’s needed?

When God invented touch He gave us a great gift. Touch is reassuring at the very least and capable of healing in its best form. Scripture makes it clear (Mk 6v18) that ‘they shall lay hands on the sick and they will be healed’.


Massage is available in many establishments but how can you know the ethos and the ‘starting’ point for their therapy?  New age perspectives abound and most therapists are trained as beauticians and are rarely able to deliver remedial care. How then do Christians to know where to go?


Trinity Healthcare is a Christian Physical Therapy service here to help with your aches and pains, knots, binds and tired muscles.  I sincerely believe that all I can do is move the muscles and ask God to add the healing.  I pray for each and every client as I treat them, believing that God will give me wisdom to deliver the solution needed.


As a Certified member of the Massage Training Institute I am able to deliver Holistic & Remedial Massage ensuring  sessions are both relaxing AND therapeutic. 


Is it time for you to UnFold?