Remedial Care


​This is a common belief amongst sports therapists and many Physiotherapists and many Osteopaths too. The good news is this doesnt have to true most of the time.


Drawing on a range of techniques that faciliate the bodies own capacity for repair and renewal, I encourage the muscles to do much of the work necessary with the bare minimum of pain.

So don't treat pain with pain any more - Call me!

You can find a massage in a wide range of establishments but the vast majority of therapists have been trained in Beauty therapy, not remedial muscle care.

You know that on those ocassions where you really need some help, a gentle rub on your back just wont cut it!I


If you’re suffering reduced mobility due to injury or pain due to overuse; if you have muscle tears, reduced strength, hyper or hypo mobility, or if an injury is stopping you performing at your best, look no further.

If you’re on the lookout for a professional who can give you a thorough massage with assessment and provide the right treatment to get you back to competing, performing or dancing, call me!