60 Minute Remedial / Relaxation Massage Session

Whether you have aches and pains or you are just looking for the pleasure of a targeted, focused, you-nique body massage, this 60 minute session will allow sufficient time for me to handle your needs with care and sensitivity. PLEASE NOTE: Clients will be required to dress down to underwear only

30 Minute repeat Remedial Session / Short massage

This shorter session allows time to deal with a specific muscle issue you may have in addition to a limited element of massage, though this will be entirely linked to the remedial care need. Please Note - on the first visit you will require the 60 minutes session (£35) to make time for a full consultation and assessment.

Neck, shoulders & Back

This is a speciality here. If you are looking for the pleasure of a short massage that will free your tension in your neck and shoulders, come and experience the Trinity back treatment.

This 30 minute session addresses tight shoulders specially and our low back and shoulder vibration treatment offers lumbar release too.

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