About Me

I am Aden Murcutt. MTI, SRN, Cert CMA.

I am a certified member of the Masssage Training Institute which is the UK's leading professional therapy association. I qualified as a State Registered Nurse over 40 years ago (it's now RGN, not SRN) and hold a number of additional certificates through the Complimentary Medicines Association.


I have invested a number of years of my life acquiring the skills to deliver a range of remedial treatments to assist anyone with muscle issues to stay mobile and to keep their over-used and over-worked bodies in a fair shape. This is especially valuable for dancers and athletes who push their bodies to the limit, or perhaps over the limit.


I am able to draw on a range of body repair skills acquired from some of the best tutors in the land. I am also constantly upgrading my skills to further my ability to offer greater
help to those needing to maintaining their limbs to
ensure peak performance.


I believe I can assist where a lot of other therapists are
unable to.


If you need to UnFold, get in touch right away.